A Casimir Systemics patented process will leave behind the harmful byproducts of coal and other biocarbons while extracting clean energy carriers for the production of electricity.

Anachronistic bio-carbon (ABC) is a synonym for fossil fuel. Stranded ABC refers to either technological or economical difficulty to access fossil fuel.

Our Insitu Conversion of Stranded Anachronistic Bio-Carbon (ICSABC) technology is engineered for the extraction of energy carriers from otherwise stranded ABC. Not to be confused with Underground Coal Gasification (UCG), ICSABC uses cellularized reactors to provide precise control of SunGas™ production, while insuring the protection of nearby aquifers and sensitive geological structures.


How does it work?

ICSABC uses a “smart” drill to access a targeted ABC energy reserve. A slurry jet excavator and injector are used to create an Underground Cellular Gasification Reactor (UCGR) within an Anachronistic Bio-Carbon (ABC) seam. There the ABC is gasified. This production gas is typically called “Syngas”. Casimir refers to this gas as ”SunGas™” since this energy carrier is stored solar energy.

Containing Hydrogen, Carbon monoxide, and Methane as main constituents, the converted-as-needed ABC derived SunGas™ is channeled up to the surface. Next, the SunGas™ is separated into intrinsic gas streams which feed banks of fuel cells. In a controlled reaction with atmospherically concentrated oxygen, the energy carriers are converted into electricity. Waste from the fuel cells is water vapor, heat, and captured Carbon Dioxide. This facility is a zero-pollution and zero-greenhouse gas emission installation.


Our SunGas is ideal for fuel cells that will convert the stored chemical energy into electricity at a Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) superior to modern large scale power plant production.

While maintaining an environmentally neutral impact, this technology will produce inexpensive electricity. Casimir’s technology does not require the massive infrastructure associated with conventional power plants and is less intrusive than a wind or solar farm. This permits local production of electricity.

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