Life, as we know it, always requires liquid water. So ubiquitous is this requirement, man’s search for extra-terrestrial life starts its inquiry as to the availability of liquid water. Water is also known as the “universal solvent” in which most everything can be held in solution. Yet, the very chemistry that makes water vital, also makes it extremely difficult to purify.

We can sterilize water with heat and chemicals. We can filter the water through membranes and media. We can use light to break chemical bonds. These techniques are applied in many forms to provide water that meets the requirements for both industrial and personal use.


There are a variety of considerations that must be accounted for when selecting a purification technique:

  1. Needed purity
  2. Power requirements
  3. Cost of equipment
  4. Cost of consumables
  5. Maintenance
  6. Size
  7. Required volume

Uniquely manufactured and configured; AquaRegia™ has:

  • Scalable purity (removal of particulates even below 1 micron as well as separation of a great variety of composite fluids)
  • Scalable power requirements (vastly better then media based purification systems )
  • Less expensive to operate than media based filtration systems
  • No consumables
  • Maintenance free up to 10,000 hours
  • Small size, and self-monitoring
  • Scalable volume delivery from microscopic flows to 100’s of liters per channel. (unlimited channels may be implemented in parallel)


Industrial, agricultural and municipalities generate huge quantities of waste water. From storm run-off of impervious surfaces, to effluent from industry, and sewage from population; massive amount of water is used to dilute and transport waste. Typically, this effluent is merely dissipated into the environment.

AquaRegia™ provides a solution for processing effluents into clean water in real-time. Its physical footprint is significantly less than that of conventional flocculation and filtration systems. Being medialess, AquaRegia™ may also be used to clean corrosive environmental contamination.

Effectively, this technology permits the real-time separation of nearly pure water from a contaminated waste stream. The bypass effluent is concentrated and can be further processed into a valuable organic product or disposed of in a safe manner.

Also, in line with the pollution and invasive species catastrophe affecting ports, rivers, estuaries, harbors and reservoirs; this new tech is installable on water craft (ships and boats of any size) in a manner to exceed all current and anticipated bilge/ballast specifications.


AquaRegia™ Technology neatly fits into the water treatment protocols employed by:

  • Manufacturing Industry – Process water and post process de-contamination of effluent
  • Farming and agriculture – Effluent and surface runoff
  • Farming and agriculture - Purification of pond and well water for feed, agriculture, and processing
  • Construction – Equipment Cleaning and reuse at job sits
  • Mining water cleaning – de-toxification and particulate removal of tailing water
  • Mining – ore recovery
  • Sewage Processing – Clean water recovery and concentration of organics
  • Water runoff – Cleaning of detritus and organic contaminants
  • Shipping – Ballast water purification to prevent bio-contamination
  • Environmental Clean-Up of contaminated water and soils

The proprietary technology developed by SARC/IBA Global provides a continuous processing ability to either replace or augment the batch processing currently in use. There is no practical limit to the capacity of a separation based continuous flow purifier.

transparent unit smaller

AquaRegia™ Industrial Unit


Soliton Separator Figure


Dean Vortice Assembly Demonstration


AquaRegia™ has demonstrated the ability to remove bio-contamination from ship discharge and thereby ameliorate the crisis of invasive speciation plaguing the shipping lanes and ports.

With the ability to cleanse embedded toxins such as PCB’s mercury and the like, rivers, brownfields and ports can be returned to a sound and vital condition.

AquaRegia™ can provide clean and inexpensive water to those populations without the benefit of ready access to potable water.


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